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Grown Up and Me Felt Christmas Ornament Workshop

Grown Up and Me Felt Christmas Ornament Workshop

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This holiday season, we invite you and your child to come together and create cherished memories with our Grown Up and Me Felt Christmas Ornament Workshop. Designed for parents or guardians and kids aged 7 to 12, it's a delightful way to bond, explore your creativity, and celebrate the magic of the season through the art of crafting.

The workshop offers a unique opportunity for grown-ups and kids to spend quality time together in a creative and meaningful way. Strengthen your bond while crafting beautiful holiday ornaments.

Participants will have the chance to express themselves by designing and embroidering their very own felt Christmas ornaments. It's a collaborative project that allows each pair to infuse their unique personalities into their creations.

We provide a wide array of vibrant felt, threads, and embellishments, ensuring that your creations will be of the highest quality.

Each pair will leave the workshop with handcrafted Christmas ornaments, a testament to the special memories and creativity they shared together.

Workshop details:

Project: Embroidered Felt Christmas Ornament

Duration: 2,5 hours   

Supplies included: Felt, embroidery floss, beads, needles, snips, and an embroidery hoop.

Age: 7-12 with participating Grown-up

Level: Beginner (no experience required) 

Location: 1012 Grand Street Studio 407 4th floor, Hoboken NJ 

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