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Galastella Studio

Hand Mending Workshop

Hand Mending Workshop

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Are you tired of throwing away your clothes just because they have a small hole, a detached button, or a popped stitch?

If you want to learn how to repair them by hand, our beginner's workshop is perfect for you! We understand how frustrating and harmful it can be to frequently replace clothing, which is why we want to teach you the art of hand-mending.

By joining this class, you'll not only save money but also experience the satisfaction of fixing your clothes on your own. You'll learn how to sew on buttons, hook and loop, snap, fix a broken seam, and mend a rip. Please bring 3-5 items that need mending so we can choose one for you to finish during the class and get a consultation on how to mend the others.

Workshop details:

Project: Mending and hand stitch samples, Mend your item

Duration: 2,5 hours   

Supplies included: Fabric for samples, threads, all needed tools, a sewing machine, and an ironing station.

What to bring: Several items of clothing that need fixing

Age: 18+

Level: Beginner (no experience required) 

Location: 1012 Grand Street Studio 407, Hoboken NJ

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